Trademark Rights Article posted on June 5, 2013

The sale of trademark rights is an important and valuable decision for every school. Our goal for this report is to present empirical market data and produce valuable insights into market trends, norms, and practices. We dive into the details of CLC (Collegiate Licensing Company), LRG (Licensing Resource Group) and SMA (Strategic Marketing Affiliates) agreements, showing the market makeup by vendor, along with building revenue profiles of schools currently partnered with each vendor.

Further, we provide complete details surrounding revenue-sharing arrangements between school and vendor, allowing readers to quickly asses the market and their standing relative to peers. Our report was created by examining every current, publicly-available trademark rights agreement, extracting key details from each, and analyzing alongside various school-specific data. The result is a current, comprehensive view of the market we hope will allow schools to increase value in future deals.

The Winthrop Report includes the full view of the trademark rights market in DI college athletics.

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