Win AD Leadership Development Program
How You Participate

How You Participate:

  1. Qualified participants agree – in writing – that their use of Win AD is for interview preparation for a senior leadership role at a D-I or D-II athletic department for an interview that has been scheduled by the university.
  2. Qualified participants will provide – in confidence – a copy of their application for the job (cover letter, resume) and a copy of the interview confirmation from the University.

How You Benefit:

With Win AD as resource in interview preparation, participants are empowered to distinguish their preparation and candidacy.

  1. Use Win AD’s financials database and department and sport profile pages to develop a strategic vision based on insights about fiscal, staffing and academic performance by studying financial profiles of the hiring institution and their peer group (macro and micro revenue and expense data).
  2. Use Win AD’s vendors database to formulate a revenue growth map to contribute immediately to your new program by presenting revenue growth strategies (expiring vendor contracts, guarantee game opportunities).
  3. Use Win AD’s benchmark module to create a plan of action using custom views of the status quo and opportunities for improvement in sport resource allocation, academic support funding and facilities spending.

Supporting Organizations:

Organizations supporting the Win AD Leadership Development Program include CALS, NACWAA, CABMA, and NCAA.

Alumni & Success Stories
Win AD is available on a complimentary basis for use by every D-I and D-II athletic administrator preparing to interview for senior level positions at D-I and D-II athletic programs – even if your current school is not a Win AD subscriber. We offer this program based on interview preparation success stories with Win AD:

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