Multimedia Rights Article posted on June 4, 2013

The sale of multimedia rights is a critical source of revenue generation for athletic departments across Division-I. Our goal for this report is to present empirical market data and produce valuable insights into market trends, norms, and practices. Examples include detailing how vendors like Learfield and IMG are more focused on the higher (i.e. more expensive) end of the market, while vendors such as Nelligan and KP Sports appear concentrated on the opposite end. Further, we detail how school revenue-levels currently correspond to the amount of rights fees schools receive.

Finally, we provide lots of financial details which can be used by readers to benchmark their current deals against relevant peers in a quick, easy manner. We created our report by examining every current, publicly-available multimedia rights agreement, extracting key details from each, and analyzing alongside various school-specific data. The result is a current, comprehensive view of the multimedia rights market we hope will allow schools to be, not only better informed of the current market, but also provide tangible strategies to increase value in future deals.

The Winthrop Report includes the full view of the multimedia rights market in DI college athletics.

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