Ticketing Abstract Article posted on April 30, 2013

The outsourcing of ticket operations is a growing trend within college athletics. In exchange for fixed fees, commissions, and other considerations, schools expect to realize revenue growth through increased attendance for various sports.

Our report examines twenty-four current agreements (twenty-three that have been signed within the last two years) across each level of Division I athletics to provide readers a current, informed view of this growing market. Our report details key financial elements of agreements—fixed fee amounts and revenue sharing terms. The report also reveals important market trends, for example:

  • Clients of Aspire appear least likely to pay fixed fees.
  • Commissions charged by vendors on ticket revenue are generally higher for schools with relatively lower football and men’s basketball attendance.
  • The vast majority of agreements last three years or less.

We created our report by examining current, publicly-available outsourced ticketing contractual agreements in the Win AD database and utilized school-specific attendance and financial data. The result is a report that will allow readers to better understand their current or potential standing within this market, while providing insight to assist in deriving maximum value in future negotiations.

The Winthrop Report includes the full view of the outsourced ticketing market in DI college athletics.

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