Coaches and Staff Contracts Database

42,000+ D-I and D-II head and assistant coaches, including performance data, compensation information and current contracts. This database is designed for ADs and administrators who require total knowledge of contract trends for coaches (and key staff: trainers, video, operations, strength & conditioning) in men’s and women’s sport.

  • Every coaching position + key staff.
  • Alma Mater
  • Diversity & Gender
  • Contact Information
  • Photo & Bio
  • Cost-of-Living Adjustor
  • Detailed W-L, APR, and RPI
  • Source Contracts: bonus, deferred and Form 990
  • 82,000+ YouTube Videos (press conferences, interviews)
  • Co-Worker History (Family Trees)

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Coach & Admin YouTube Videos

82,000 D-I and D-II YouTube videos (adding thousands each month). Coach and Administrator YouTube Videos bring the personalities of college athletics to life and provides necessary context for specific games, seasons, and entire careers.

  • Connect with a continually updated collection of pre- and post-game press conferences, television and radio interviews, media day events, speeches addressed to players, on-field questions, and mic’d practices
  • See every sport and position—from Football to Fencing, AD to SID—and unlock the entire NCAA talent pool of 39 D-I Men’s and Women’s sports, as well as departmental classifications
  • Get access to a one-stop library of videos from around the web
  • See and hear a coach or administrator in their own words before reaching out for recruitment

Guarantee Games Database

18,000+ D-I conference game contracts for football, and men’s and women’s basketball, showing guaranteed payment amounts and other key provisions. This database is designed for ADs to optimize non-conference game fees and terms.

  • Football and M&W Basketball
  • Series, Attendance, RPI
  • Complete Visibility
  • Explore hypothetical scheduling scenarios
  • Increase leverage in scheduling negotiations
  • Contain costs (at home), maximize revenue (away)
  • View PDF contracts to optimize material terms
  • Always know market rate, and promote best practices

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Financials Database

Detailed revenues and expenses from D-I and D-II NCAA financial reports, as well as Independent Auditors’ Report and Agreed Upon Procedures (not EADA).  This database enables ADs to unlock D-I and D-II programs’ detailed financial report data down to the revenue and expense line item level, by sport.

  • Sort by major revenue and expense categories
  • Search using specific criteria
  • Budget plan using accurate data
  • Use report data for proactive budget analysis
  • Compare your program against others
  • Benchmark best practices among peers
  • Conduct trend analysis, forecasting, and strategic planning

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Vendors database

Unprecedented access to major revenue agreements: multi-media, apparel, pouring, ticketing, outsourced ticketing, video management, concessions and trademark licensing rights. This database empowers ADs to negotiate the best terms in multi-million dollar contracts with complete market knowledge.

  • Succinct summaries provide quick comparisons, and transparent data.
  • Search by: multimedia rights, apparel rights, trademark licensing, ticketing, pouring rights, subdivision conference, and school
  • Unprecedented access to major revenue contracts
  • Maximize revenue over the long term
  • Negotiate the best terms with complete market knowledge

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Administrator database

11,000+ D-I and D-II senior administrators’ compensation and contracts. This database is designed for ADs to know the market for talent and ensure retention among valued staff.

  • Detailed Career Histories: Tenure, Directors Cup and Rankings
  • Precise Compensation, and Area of Responsibility
  • Search by: Title, Job Function, Conference, School, Gender
  • Source Contracts: offer letters, base, bonus, deferred and Form 990

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Unlock years of NCAA financial reports to create customizable comparisons between institutions—from macro revenue and expense trends, to sport-level data. Benchmark brings the numbers to life, providing the proper context for research, analysis, and financial decision making.

  • Four-year financial trends
  • Comparative analysis of peer institutions
  • See how aspirational programs allocate resources
  • Year-over-year percentage changes in revenues and expenses
  • Budgeting and strategic planning on a sport-by-sport basis
  • Sport-and program-level revenue and expense trends in context.

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Department and Sport Profile Pages


Sport Profile Pages


Department Profile Pages

Consolidated view of key performance and financial information for individual D-I and D-II sports programs, and entire athletic departments, including: five year financial trends (aggregate and line-item level), summary of senior staff administrators, coaches, and support staff.

  • Enhanced view of every department, every sport
  • Identify & monitor 5-year financial trends
  • View all Guarantee & Vendor deals for that program
  • Gain context for financial comparisons
  • Save time with consolidated view of key data
Searchable Contracts

Searchable Contracts

“Google search” within over 100,000 NCAA documents (including contracts & outside income reports) for key words or phrases to find the information you need faster.

  • Discover new revenue opportunities while reviewing best practices
  • Makes spotlighting legal nuances fast and easy
  • Find ‘summer camp’ clauses or ‘termination’ language in seconds
  • Accelerate the review and assimilation of global contract trends
  • Empower your general counsel with the best contract resource available anywhere
Coworker History

Coworker History

Coworker History is a visualized ‘family tree’ for every coach and administrator in the Win AD database, and provides a succinct view of work histories and professional networks.

  • Monitor coaching trees that spawn successful coaches
  • Discover emerging talent who were mentored by respected leaders
  • Observe coaches and admins whose upward mobility outpaces their peers
  • Identify employment synergies for strategic hires
Mobile Functionality

Enhanced Mobile Functionality

Enhanced mobile interface allows users to access Win AD’s features on mobile devices through a specifically designed interface to deliver the mobile experience that has become the norm outside of work environments. The mobile version supports fast navigation, access to results similar to our desktop version and the ability to view pdf contracts in the palm of your hand!
Win AD Schedule

Win AD Schedule

With the comprehensive information and functionality in Win AD Schedule, users enjoy significant time savings by scheduling games with superior information and greater efficiency. Enjoy these features behind secure log in.

  • Create and maintain your own schedule in a secure environment.
  • Search for open dates and build custom lists of potential opponents that match your non-conference game scheduling needs by filtering relevant team data:
    • Record & Performance – 5 year W/L & RPI trends, post season appearances;
    • Fit – sort by availability, sub-division, conference; RPI and travel distance;
    • Price – a client-only feature, Win AD clients will see buy and sell amounts as well as liquidated damages plus non cash consideration
  • Study detailed team & player data to find best-fit opponents (including current depth chart, PPG, RPG and Assist % returning, incoming recruits, available transfers – 3,500+ players total).
  • Reach a broad audience by posting and emailing a description of each non-conference game you want to schedule and search for other schools’ games wanted posts.

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Conference Database

Conference Database

Conference Database and Reports enables conferences and schools to consider investment in context on a relative basis to analyze and advance conference and member schools’ goals. Conference Database and Reports provides Win AD clients with:

  • NCAA Financials data presented on a high, median and low basis
  • Superior information for all the constituents in a conference to benchmark with ease and engage forward-looking conversations about investments and outcomes
  • Time savings for conference staff and member schools – no more surveys and internally generated reports
  • Conference offices who subscribe to Win AD receive an additional benefit – private web site hosting for NCAA financial reports of conference member schools (including private schools). This functionality can replace time-consuming conference-level reporting and empower all member schools with comprehensive data.

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Assistant Coach Hiring

Assistant Coach Hiring

The Win AD designated account administrator at client schools has the option to give head coaches access to Win AD’s Coach database (excluding salary and contract info) to review the talent pool and build a short list faster with access to more information in one place.

  • Win AD expands the talent pool, enabling speed and efficiency when hiring assistants
  • Head Coaches can access robust content for evaluating potential hires, including Coach Videos, Co-Worker History and detailed performance data
  • No salary data, contracts or financial information is available to coach users in this view


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