Francis X. Reidy – Saint Leo University

“We began using Win AD two years ago and it has been a valuable resource for us. As we have progressed into a Learfield Top 20 program, benchmarking the contracts of successful coaches using Win AD has been very important. It has assisted us in separating facts from fiction, by providing us the exact contract to assist us in making strategic decisions about our staff. We have also used Win AD in the renewal of our pouring rights contract this year. It was eye opening. Win AD will pay for itself from this agreement alone.”

Lonny Allen – Tiffin University

Win AD absolutely paid for itself. My peers have asked me ‘how can you afford Win AD?’ And I respond, ‘how can you afford not to do it?’ We’ve already recouped the investment in the first 4 months.”
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Jim Johnson – Pitt State

“The information available on Win AD is very reliable and usable. You can easily find the data you need to make comparisons on salaries and contract information, budget information, marketing information, etc. It is a great investment for any department who needs information on like institutions when requested by CEO’s, boards, and others.”
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Tim McMurray – TAMU Commerce

Win AD will more than pay for itself. When you talk about negotiating guarantee games, vendor deals or just saving time researching salary or other financial information, it will pay for itself either in increased revenue or savings on the expense side.”
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