Article posted on September 1, 2014

With the comprehensive information and functionality in Win AD Schedule, users enjoy significant time savings by scheduling games with superior information and greater efficiency. Enjoy these features behind secure log in.

  • Create and maintain your own schedule in a secure environment.
  • Search for open dates and build custom lists of potential opponents that match your non-conference game scheduling needs by filtering relevant team data:
    • Record & Performance – 5 year W/L & RPI trends, post season appearances;
    • Fit – sort by availability, sub-division, conference; RPI and travel distance;
    • Price – a client-only feature, Win AD clients will see buy and sell amounts as well as liquidated damages plus non cash consideration
  • Study detailed team & player data to find best-fit opponents (including current depth chart, PPG, RPG and Assist % returning, incoming recruits, available transfers – 3,500+ players total).


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