Inside Women's Basketball Article posted on April 1, 2012

Head coaches of teams invited to the Women’s NCCA Tournament stand to gain significant bonuses when their teams make, advance through, or win the tournament. We dove inside the contracts of the Women’s Sweet 16 qualifiers to take a closer look.

Based on available contracts of coaches in the Sweet 16 field:

  • The coaches, on average, received a $21,555 bonus for making the tournament.
  • On average, the coach who wins the tournament will increase his or her total annual compensation (base salary + outside income) by 24.6 %.
  • On average, making the Final Four is worth $87,300 in cumulative bonus money.
  • Pat Summitt (Tennessee) & Dawn Staley (South Carolina) stood to gain the most in total cumulative bonus dollars for winning the tournament: $250,000 each.
  • In terms of percent increase in annual income, Amanda Butler (Florida) had the greatest opportunity; a championship would have increased her total compensation for the year by 66 %.