Guarantee Game Contracts Article posted on March 30, 2012

Standard guarantee game contacts stipulate the monetary compensation due to visiting programs, financial penalties in case of cancellation, and ticket allocations for visiting fan-bases. However, some ADs push beyond the norm when constructing their guarantee contracts. We perused the Win AD Guarantee Games database to highlight some of the most creative terms we’ve seen:

  • A visiting men’s basketball team received ten post-game pizzas, “delivered to the locker room.”
  • A visiting woman’s basketball team received 200 Nike T-Shirts, 25 pairs of Nike shoes, and 25 sets of Nike warm-ups as part of their compensation package.
  • Two men’s basketball programs agreed not to forward any copies of the game film to future opponents.
  • A men’s basketball team agreed to pay for and deliver two 42 inch Plasma TVs to a visitings program’s basketball office.
  • In one of the most extensive compensation packages we’ve seen, one program offered a visitor round trip airfare, bus-service to and from the airport, hotel and game site, a luxury hotel package, and a $30,000 meal stipend.