Article posted on September 30, 2012

We searched Win AD, our searchable online database of college coaches and staff, for commonalities in the backgrounds of the most successful DII Athletic Directors (our sample focused on the ADs of the top 30 ranked universities in the Directors Cup). Here’s what we found:

  • 87% hold at least one master’s degree and 20% hold a doctorate.
  • 40% of the top ADs majored in either Sports Management/Sports Administration or Physical Education at some point during their education. 13% hold MBAs.
  • On average, the ADs received their bachelors degree in 1982. 33% received at least one degree from their curent employer.
  • On average, the ADs have been employed by their current university for 16 years.
  • 13% of the ADs currently hold a second position within their university. Second positions include: Professor, Coach, Dean of Wellness, and Sport Specific Director.
  • 57% have previous colligate coaching experience, 13% have experience as a professor. Only 7 % have experience in the private sector.




ADs of the top 3 Directors’ Cup Universities


Keith Baker, AD – Grand Canyon College

Alma Mater: Grand Canyon College (1982)
Degrees: BA, Business Administration & Communication
Other Positions: SID,  Golf and Volleyball Coach,                                      Broadcaster


Tim Selgo, AD – Grand Valley State University

Alma Mater: Toledo (1980)
Degrees: BA, Physical Education (Minor: Math); Masters, Education Administration
Other Positions: Associate AD, Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach, Women’s Head Basketball Coach


Bill Goldring, AD – Ashland University

Alma Mater: Ohio State (1975); Ohio University (1977)
Degrees: BA, communications ; Masters, Sports Administration
Other Positions: SID, Assistant AD, Associate AD