Article posted on November 20, 2014

Winthrop Intelligence is excited to announce today the launch of new functionality in Win AD so that a single point of contact at your athletic program can administer and manage users of Win AD. This functionality is intended to position you and your athletic program to optimize your investment in Win AD.

You can add new users to see all databases in Win AD or just some parts, such as vendors for a contract negotiation or guarantees for your director of operations in football and basketball. You can also edit any existing user’s permissions based on their evolving data needs. Click here for a case study to read about best practices in maximizing your subscription value.

Removing users: Per our contract, when employees with access to Win AD leave the employment of your institution, please immediately remove their access to Win AD.

To get started and review your current users, click here. If you want to delegate the administration of your account management privileges to another colleague in your department, please email me with the desired account administrator’s name.

To see a brief tour video of the self-administration tool, click here.