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Win AD Google Hangout: ADs Share Insights For Team APR Success

Date: Wednesday, August 26th, 2015

Brian Wickstrom, AD at University of Louisiana Monroe and Earl Hilton, AD at North Carolina A&T, join us and share insights and ideas to help you improve team APR scores for your sports programs. ULM and NC A&T football programs registered 2 of the highest team APR improvements in D-I over the last 4 years. This hangout provides transferrable strategies that you can operationalize on your campus.

Viewers will gain insights from Brian and Earl about:

  • Practical steps to change your program’s culture to put more emphasis on academics
  • Tips for hiring the right staff to oversee academic performance
  • Communication strategies to create cohesiveness and results



Win AD Google Hangout: Student Athlete Leadership Forum

Date: Wednesday, July 29th, 2015

This panel features 4 current student-athletes (SAs) from around the country to discuss their experiences and perspectives on participating in college athletics.

The popular narrative in the national media about the enterprise of college sports can be skeptical and at times intensely negative, often overlooking the virtues of intercollegiate athletics. In this panel discussion, we engage directly with SAs and explore their perceptions of:

  • How athletics participation has prepared them for life
  • The (tangible and intangible) value of a scholarship
  • What matters in student athlete recruitment

Participants include:

  • Mehryn Kraker, University of Wisconsin – Green Bay, Women’s Basketball
  • Malcolm Brogdon, University of Virginia, Men’s Basketball
  • Colleen Folan, Loyola University Maryland, Women’s Soccer
  • Houston Summers, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Men’s Track & Field



Win AD Leadership Forum: Talent Evaluation, Talent Development and Succession Planning

Date: Monday, June 15th, 2015

Identifying talent, cultivating the development of talent and retaining key coaches and administrators are critical skills every successful athletic leader must have. This panel explores and uncovers insights from some of the preeminent leaders in college athletics to help equip viewers with the skills necessary to build championship teams.


  • Mitch Barnhart – Athletic Director, University of Kentucky
  • Tom Bowen – Athletic Director, University of Memphis
  • Joe Castiglione – Athletic Director, University of Oklahoma
  • Ian McCaw – Athletic Director, Baylor University



Win AD Hangout: Bubba Cunningham Presents an Interconnected Vision for Effective Leadership to Advance the Bright Future of College Athletics

Date: Monday, May 18th, 2015

The complexity, breadth, and scale of issues facing athletics in the years ahead are daunting. What looks somewhat simple on the surface requires a deeper investigation in context to appreciate the interconnectedness of options, tradeoffs and decision-making athletics leaders face across various domains and constituencies. Exploring and unpacking these topics are paramount for advancing the bright future that lies ahead for D-I athletics.

That’s why we were so excited to host a Win AD Hangout with Bubba Cunningham, Athletic Director at The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

As a longtime administrator at Notre Dame, followed by tenure in the AD chair at Ball State, Tulsa and currently UNC Chapel Hill, Bubba shares a presentation about college athletics future considerations that encompasses six domains (each with 9 sub parts):

  1. Education
  2. Opportunities
  3. Health & Well-Being
  4. Economics
  5. University Mission
  6. Governance

Bubba shares his perspectives on the underlying, interconnected issues to help athletic leaders when identifying and considering holistic solutions to ensure the vitality, opportunity, and impact of college athletics on their campuses.


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