Win AD is a subscription database service for college athletics leaders to increase revenue & save money.

Winthrop Intelligence is a product development firm specializing in software-as-a-service and data analysis. From sports, to human resources, to finance, Winthrop Intelligence makes sense of large datasets with intuitive software products.

Win AD has returned millions of dollars to D-I and D-II college athletic programs through its daily use by more than 3,000 athletics administrators. Win AD spans multiple databases that contain more than 40,000 people and tens of thousands of pages of employment and major revenue contracts and NCAA financial report data. Win AD powers college athletics with detailed, reliable financial trending and enables new revenue creation and cost reduction. Win AD is for athletics administrators only.

We published original research and analysis which has been featured and cited in The New York Times – a piece on the Ed O’Bannon case – and The Atlantic – on NCAA tournament unit payout.

We have also been mentioned in the USA Today, The Wall Street Journal sports page (on spotting a future winning coach, on coveted college coordinators), Sports Business Journal, Athletic Business (on transparency, on guarantee games, on FCS scheduling, on coach contracts incentivizing academic success, on likeness licensing in coaching contracts), and ESPN the Magazine.