Win AD Twitter Streams Article posted on December 9, 2013

Today we are thrilled to announce the inclusion of more than 8,000 individual Twitter streams in Win AD.

  • 27,000+ Tweets / day captured, cataloged, and visualized in real time
  • With 1.4 Million Tweets gathered in just the last two months of 2013, we expect to exceed 10 million before the end of next year
  • The library of tweets is always growing—providing a richer history of sentiment over time

College coaches and administrators are some of the most adept users of social media and, as active Twitter users ourselves, Winthrop Intelligence is thrilled to integrate Twitter streams into our Coach and Administrator profiles. This will offer the most unique, engaging, and comprehensive view of staff members in college athletics. It’s the natural evolution of social data.

With the addition of Twitter, you can see:

  • Whether a coach or administrator maintains a Twitter account and is social media savvy
  • If a coach is reaching out to recruits on the social platforms used by high school athletes
  • How coaches and administrators deal with criticism or success
  • Whether a candidate for an open position is a good fit with your school’s culture
  • If an individual is actively engaged in networking and promoting their sports

Win AD users can see what is being said by their staff to promote their university, athletic program, sport, and personal brand, as well as what is being said about their staff and university by the public.

Twitter Streams

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