Win AD Coach and Admin Videos Article posted on October 14, 2013

Updated 12/2/2013: Fresh Film! Win AD‘s library of tens of thousands of videos—fueled by YouTube—is expanding.

We’re now continuously adding thousands of videos each month!

This means our data is getting more personal—with video you’ll:

  • Connect with a collection of pre- and post-game press conferences, television and radio interviews, media day events, speeches addressed to players, on-field questions, and mic’d practices
  • See every sport and position—from Football to Fencing, AD to SID—and unlock the entire NCAA talent pool of 39 D-I Men’s and Women’s sports, as well as departmental classifications
  • Get access to a one-stop library of videos from around the web
  • See and hear a coach or administrator in their own words before reaching out for recruitment


Coach and Administrator Videos bring the personalities of college athletics to life and provides necessary context for specific games, seasons, and entire careers. See how an up-and-coming assistant coach comports herself after a tough loss, the leadership and character of a veteran administrator during a transition, the possible fit of an established coach for your department’s culture—all sitting side-by-side with the data to answer any question and back up any decision.

With the new season underway, you’ll be able to see coaches and administrators at every program, not just high-profile institutions. The 10,000+ videos attached to head coach profiles, plus over 3,000+ assistant coach videos, will be updated as seasons progress. This, in addition to 1,500 administrator videos, will allow you to better evaluate current and potential staff, save time, and have the necessary framework to handle any assessment. Win AD Videos offer a more holistic view of performance—coaches and admins in their own words.