Article posted on September 22, 2013

Winthrop Intelligence is a sponsor at the 3rd Annual College Athletic Leadership Symposium, a unique event in College Park, Maryland, designed to equip athletic administrators with the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue their career goals and aspirations.

Winthrop Intelligence will be bringing you the Win AD Leadership Clinic: Designing the Best Coach and AD Contracts, a special colloquium with Jeffery R. Capwell of the Law Firm McGuireWoods—leader of the firm’s employee benefits and executive compensation group—and Kevin Barefoot—Winthrop’s Director of Sales and Marketing.

The contract’s clinic is a unique opportunity for ADs to glean insight into current compensation trends, to reevaluate basic contract assumptions, and keep abreast of innovative contract design and language structure for ADs and coaches. Featured subject areas will include:

  • Ideal deferred compensation scenarios
  • Incentive best practices
  • What you need to know about ‘clawback’ clauses
  • Non-disparagement
  • Reassignment clauses to balance negotiating leverage

We’ll also be offering a sneak peek at the addition of coach and administrator videos to Win AD—providing an unmatched, intimate view of staff to compliment the precision data of .pdf searchable contracts.