Keyword Search Article posted on June 5, 2013

Now Win AD offers the ability to search contracts by keyword, the next step in the evolution of access to accurate data. And with our new Custom User Permission feature, you can give partial database access to staff across campus, as well as this new ability to search the .pdf contract library. This expands the number of users (from university legal counsel to auxiliary services) and uses, provides a wider impact for other university constituents, while significantly increasing funding opportunities.

The ability to search inside Win AD’s .pdf documents:

  • Unlocks thousands of pages of contracts in major financial categories to help increase revenue (licensing/development)
  • Accelerates the review and assimilation of global contract trends (business operations)
  • Makes spotlighting legal nuances fast and easy (general counsel)
  • Speeds the sharing of best practices (development/marketing/compliance/minority opportunity)
  • Facilitates building better RFPs, maximizing revenue by rapidly sampling key contract provisions (auxiliary services)
  • Makes contracts stronger, protects university interests with real-time access to data (compliance/general counsel)

To begin searching, simply access contracts in our database and enter your terms in the upper right search box.

Search Win AD Docs

Because you can now search .pdfs in Win AD, you’ll get more value from our contracts library—open access to the data and the exact language inherent in those records.


We hope you enjoy an immediate and tangible benefit from searchable documents. Please contact Kevin Barefoot with questions or feedback.