Department Profiles Article posted on April 11, 2013

We’re excited to present an enhanced way to view your program that will help to increase revenue and make your staff more efficient. Department Profile pages offer a quick view of:

  • Administrators (bios)
  • Expenses + Revenues — a four year graphical representation of major expense categories (Tuition, Guarantees, Coaching, Recruiting, Travel, Games, Marketing) and revenue categories (Ticket Sales, Student Fees, Guarantees, Donations, University Rights, Branding) with concise year-by-year trend lines.
  • Current Vendor Agreements (Multimedia Rights, Pouring Rights, Apparel Rights, Concessions, Outsourced Ticketing, Trademark Rights, Ticketing Systems), including terms, length, and PDF views.
  • All Guarantee Games Contracts

Department Profile

This increased functionality will provide an opportunity for better, more customized internal benchmarking; a consolidated view of peers’ aggregate financial data that will save time and guide strategic planning; easy to navigate financial data that offers a clear vision of how specific revenue and expense trends align with expectations for performance; as well as where and how successful programs are allocating funds and investing in their programs.

This new feature significantly improves visibility, provides greater strategic insight, offers additional awareness for departmental staff, and facilitates better communication with university leadership.

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We hope you enjoy the immediate benefit of Win AD’s department profile views. Please contact Kevin Barefoot with questions or feedback.