Duncan McKenzie Article posted on July 30, 2012

Duncan McKenzie

Executive Associate A.D.
Mississippi State University


What is your biggest challenge as a CFO?

The biggest challenge I have is finding a way to take the massive amount of financial information and present it in a way that effectively presents our current financial status, as well as where I think we will be in six months to a year. If you consolidate the information too much you leave out important details and if you include too many details you make the information ineffective.

What makes you optimistic about your program’s future?

We have excellent leadership from our President and Director of Athletics. We are open to new ideas and trying things that have not been done here before. This has given us new energy and optimism.


Best advice for a new CFO?

In my opinion, the most important quality a CFO must possess is integrity. We have to be unwavering when it comes to following University, NCAA and conference rules and regulations. Also, find a healthy balance between family and work.