Intriguing Contract Clauses Article posted on February 1, 2012

National Signing Day
As NCAA Football’s National Signing Day approaches, fans across the country will be refreshing and to track the media’s take on their school’s incoming class. Next season, however, the public won’t be the only ones tracking these popular recruiting sites; Maryland head coach Mike Locksley’s new contract includes an incentive clause that kicks in if either of the websites rank his future recruiting class in their top 40 overall, or top 4 in the ACC.

“Constructive” Clauses
Due to a unique clause in his contract, Kevin Sumlin held onto a little extra buyout money when he left Houston for the head coaching position at Texas A&M in December. The clause called for the total amount Sumlin owed to Houston to to be reduced by $100,000 if Houston had not broken ground on a new stadium (or stadium renovation).

Insult to Injury
LSU’s National championship loss stung extra hard for head coach Les Miles; a national title would have activated an “escalator” clause in his contract that would have guaranteed Miles a salary equal to the highest paid coach in the SEC + $1000. With Nick Saban currently earning $4.68 million annually, Miles stood to gain and additional $1,000,000 per season.