Thanks to all who attended the inaugural Win AD Think Tank—the event was a resounding success. We look forward to hosting more behind-closed-doors dialogues that help frame these important discussions and guide the actionable application of research by Winthrop Intelligence.

A few highlights of discussions from the event:

  • The tangible value of development officers; the pros and cons of outsourcing development.
  • How to message particular market segments, understanding fan engagement and better connect with fans for increased ticket and sales donorship.
  • Whether dropping ticket prices for full-capacity for game day or maintaining ticket prices is optimal. How price cuts impact season ticket holder perception, satisfaction, and impact perceived ticket value. How a full venue on television or live improves program brand perception.
  • The effect of alcohol sales, perceived and real; the logistics of permitting alcohol at sporting events.
  • How to enhance game day experience for increased ticket prices and sales; measuring the effectiveness of current strategies, implementing new innovations and best practices.
  • Changing audience demographics for college sports in some regions.

In the months ahead, Winthrop Intelligence will embark on several research projects directly informed by the Think Tank and we look forward to bringing you more of the best college athletics data and research available anywhere.