Win AD Benchmarking Article posted on April 11, 2013

We’re excited to announce a major improvement on Win AD’s Analysis feature — it’s now called Benchmark — and will significantly enhance your ability to generate customized financial comparisons and analysis.

Benchmark lets you to unlock years of NCAA financial reports to create customizable comparisons between institutions—from macro revenue and expense trends, to progressions in sport-level data. This ability to bring the numbers to life provides the proper context for research, analysis, and financial decision making.

Benchmark offers easy visualization of:

  • Four-year financial trends
  • Comparative analysis of peer institutions
  • How aspirational programs allocate resources
  • Year-over-year percentage changes in revenues and expenses
  • Budgeting and strategic planning on a sport-by-sport basis

Benchmark empowers decision makers and provides analytical freedom by showing sport-and program-level revenue and expense trends in context.

Watch the Video

We hope you enjoy the immediate benefit of Benchmark. Please contact Kevin Barefoot with questions or feedback.