Darin Spease Article posted on July 9, 2012

Darin Spease
Senior Associate Athletic Director for Business Affairs
University of North Carolina at Charlotte


What is your biggest challenge as a CFO?
Keeping pace with rising costs, particularly centered around tuition.  As states continue to battle budget crunches, public institutions have seen a real shift of the burden to the student with tuition increases, which subsequently impacts our ability to keep pace with the athletic scholarships we provide.

What makes you optimistic about your program’s future?
We are adding FBS football, which has excited the Charlotte community and our alumni.  I envision game day as an opportunity to open new doors into our community, as people discover what a great institution they have in their backyard.

Best advice for a new CFO?
Set expectations and best practice policies early with the coaches and staff, and stick to them!  People will generally migrate to the path of least resistance, and resist a new direction if you let them stray too far from your requirements and expectations.